The main body can be placed away from the sink

During electrolytic hydrogen generation

Since it is a type that takes in the electrolyzed hydrogen water electrolyzed by the main body from the faucet, the main body can be placed in a place slightly away from the sink.

  • * The length of the water inlet / outlet hose is within the range of about 1.5 m. It cannot be placed below the sink.

Double auto change cross line method


Water is electrolyzed to generate electrolytic hydrogen water, but if electrolysis is continued, minerals such as calcium will collect at the electrode (cathode side) and become a plated state. When the electrodes are plated, electrolysis becomes unstable and the electrolysis capacity drops.
Our water conditioner adopts the "double auto change cross line method", and by periodically switching the electrode polarity and the bubble in the water channel, it prevents the mineral from adhering to the electrode and is stable for a long period of time. It realizes the electrolysis.

Supports different water quality with a switching regulator control system

In order to always generate a stable concentration of electrolyzed hydrogen water, Nippon Trim's original technology that automatically controls electrolysis according to the water quality that changes depending on the region and season is adopted. In addition, this control method has high power conversion efficiency and is an eco-technology that can effectively use electricity.


Notification of hydrogen generation with hydrogen signal


When the electrolytic hydrogen water is generated, the hydrogen signal on the LCD screen blinks to inform you of the hydrogen generation. When the hydrogen concentration is high, the blinking speed is fast, and when it is low, the blinking speed is slow.

Save power with eco switch


You can use the eco switch on the top of the main unit by switching to the power saving mode (* electrolytic current about 70%, power consumption about 50% compared to our company). This function is effective in hard water areas and when the amount of water is small and the pH value of electrolyzed hydrogen water rises too much. In addition, the standby power consumption is low at about 0.5 W, and it is an eco-friendly water conditioner that can always save power.

Removes 13 substances specified by JIS standard and 6 substances voluntarily specified by the Water Purifier Association with micro carbon cartridge


The micro carbon cartridge is composed of a porous carbon material with innumerable fine pores inside, and it adsorbs dissolved substances quickly, and it even removes fine particles such as turbidity. With the new molding method, it is possible to remove 13 substances specified by JIS standard and 6 substances specified by the Water Purifier Association voluntary standard using only micro carbon. In addition, the filter material is not easily clogged and water flows easily.


A porous sheet in which non-woven fabric fibers are laminated and bonded in a three-dimensional structure. Larger particles are first removed in this area before passing through the microcarbons.

(2) Micro carbon (very small activated carbon)
Our micro carbon cartridge uses NSF-certified activated carbon (our joint development).

[NSF certified activated carbon manufacturer / product number] -Kuraray Co.,
Ltd./T-SCO 60 / 150THM
-Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd./CN8200G

What is NSF authentication?

It is a standard for public health and safety established by NSF International, a non-profit organization related to public health and safety that is globally recognized, and must pass strict tests for certification.

Clean water cartridge filtration capacity (total filtered water: all 7t)

* Test results according to JIS S 3201 test method and voluntary standards of Water Purifier Association (test filtration flow rate 3L)

13 substances specified by JIS standards
1Free residual chlorine (calcium)8Tetrachlorethylene
3Total trihalomethane *Ten1,1,1-trichloroethane
FourChloroform11CAT (pesticides)
FiveBromodichloromethane122-MIB (moldy smell)
6Dibromochloromethane13Soluble lead
  • * Total trihalomethane is a generic term for the above 4 to 4 substances.
Water purifier association voluntary standard 6 substances
1Geosmin (moldy smell)FourCarbon tetrachloride
3Anionic surfactant6Cis-1,2-dichloroethylene and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene
  • ・ The replacement time of the water purification cartridge varies depending on the amount of filtered water, the quality of the water, and the water pressure.
  • ・ The notification of replacement time will be displayed about one year after the first use. Also, if the total water flow reaches about 7t, it will be displayed even within one year. If it is displayed, replace the cartridge.

Notification of replacement time and abnormality of water purification cartridge

It is a safe and secure function that manages the information of the water purification cartridge by wireless communication and informs you when the time to replace the cartridge is yellow, and when there is an abnormality, the screen lights up in red.

Notification of generation of electrolytic hydrogen water with melody & lamp


While the electrolytic hydrogen water is being generated, music will be played by the melody IC to inform you that electrolytic generation is in progress. The electrolysis hydrogen water is blue, the purified water is green, and the acidic water is orange.

Saving water resources by controlling the amount of wastewater


The lever can be easily operated to adjust the intake balance of electrolytic hydrogen water and waste water. Also, the concentration of electrolytic hydrogen water can be adjusted by adjusting the amount of drainage.
(Standard setting intake water discharge rate = 5: 1)

Up to 4 L of electrolytic hydrogen water intake per minute

TRIM ION NEO is compact but high performance. Since the rated current is set to 4.5A (max) and the capacity is set large, a maximum of 4L of electrolytic hydrogen water can be taken in 1 minute.
* When the main body water pressure (dynamic water pressure) is set to 180 kPa and the intake and drainage ratio = 5: 1

Mounting adapter


Since 7 types of adapters are set, you can easily install it with a general faucet.

Effective use of electricity in high-efficiency electrolyzer

By adopting a multi-layer electrolytic cell divided into 4 layers and 8 cells, the efficiency of electrolysis is increased and electricity is used effectively.

Divergence faucet equipped with safety function

When the water pressure is high or the flow rate of water is excessive, water will come out from the warning valve of the branch faucet to inform you.

Main specifications list

Model numberTRIM ION NEO
Medical device manufacturing sales certification number221AGBZX00290000
Rated voltage100 VAC
Rated frequency50-60Hz
Rated currentAC 4.5A
Rated electrolysis voltage50 VDC (max)
power consumptionAbout 260W (standby: about 0.5W)
Electrolyzer4 tanks (8 cells)
Electrode (number of sheets)Platinum coating electrode (5 pieces)
Electrode durability time1,400 hours as electrolysis time
(depending on usage conditions such as quantity used and water quality)
Generated water intake method2-way method
Rated water intake (electrolytic hydrogen water)About 4 L / min (max)
Rated water intake (acidic water)About 4 L / min (max)
Rated water intake (clean water)About 5 L / min (max)
Pipe water pressure50kPa (Minimum operating water pressure) to 700kPa
Power cord lengthAbout 2.7m
Body weightAbout 3kg
Body dimensions276 (W) × 248 (H) × 112 (D) mm
Water purification cartridge filtration capacityJIS standard designated 13 substances (* 1) 7t (removal rate 80% or more)
JIS S 3201 test results (test filtration flow rate 3L / min)
Water Purifier Association voluntary standard 6 substances (* 2) 7t (removal rate 80% or more) )
Test results of water purifier association standards (test filtration flow rate 3 L / min)
(It depends on the amount used, water quality, and water pressure, but it can be used for about 1 year when 19 L is used per day.)
  • (* 1) 13 substances: free residual chlorine (turbine), turbidity, total trihalomethane, chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, bromoform, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, CAT (pesticides), 2 -MIB (moldy smell), soluble lead
  • (* 2) 6 substances: Geosmin (moldy odor), phenols, anionic surfactants, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, cis-1,2-dichloroethylene and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene
Electrolytic bath cleaning methodDouble auto change cross line method
Power supply circuitSwitching regulator control system
Body protection functionFuse (Built-in board): 8A
branch faucet constant flow valve
Branch faucet warning valve (excessive water pressure prevention)
Constant current control circuit (overcurrent prevention device)
Overheat prevention device
  • * The rating and design of this product are subject to change without notice due to improvements etc. Please note.
  • * The colors of the listed products may differ from the actual colors.
  • * Sufficient pH may not be obtained depending on the area and water quality (groundwater, etc.).
  •  Please consult your dealer before purchasing.
  • * In our company, alkaline drinkable water that contains hydrogen that is electrolyzed from the cathode is called "electrolyzed electrolyzed water", and "acid electrolyzed water" produced from the anode is called acidic water.